& Architecture.

The architectural design of 280 is a classic example from its era. Rhythmic bands of white fins run up the glass facade breaking up the bulk of the Lorne Street face.

On the Queen Street side, the building has a ‘T’ shaped plan which presents a slender wing to the western elevation, giving the impression of an elegantly proportioned tower. It has a timeless appeal derived from the simplicity of its architectural expression and the integrity of its functional design.

↗   Lorne Street
↗   Khartoum Place

Green Star 5

Rated & 100% NBS.

Stonewood Group are aiming for 280 to be a 5 Green Star building.
This internationally recognised rating would class it as ‘New Zealand Excellence’ in sustainability, demonstrating industry leadership, design innovation, a significant reduction in its carbon footprint and considerable improvements to the health and wellbeing of its residents and guests.

L15 terrace / conference /Cafe / eateries / bar

L4 – L14 hotel guest rooms

L3 Car Parking

LG - L2 retail / eateries / hotel lobby




Level 4 - 12


xxx sqm

Level 13 - 14

Level 15

Serviced Offices

Serviced Offices, Terrace, Conference Rooms, Cafe

xxx sqm

xxx sqm

Level 3

37 Carparks
3 Electric Charges

xxx sqm

Level 1 & 3

Level 2


Retail, Lobby

xxx sqm

xxx sqm

↗   View from Queen Street



280 promises to be at the cutting edge of touchless technology; a smart building delivering a compelling, friction-less experience for tenants, customers and guests.

After the sweeping effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, people have a new interest in superior hygiene practices, especially in high-traffic areas. Touchless technology is one of the latest ways that building science can enhance our experience of the workplace

↗   Lorne Street